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COATS 220 Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer

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Used Coats 220 Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer

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This Coats 220 motorcycle tire changer is a simple-to-operate manual changer designed to handle motorcycle wheels, including the new custom alloy wheels and tubeless tires, easier and faster. The motorcycle tire changer is so versatile it will also service lawn and garden tractors, golf carts, trailers, automotive and motorcycle, and ATV wheels.

Handles a wide range of wheels.
Handles small hole or no center hole wheels.
Motorcycle tire changer allows you to service wheels such as those found on Renault, Peugeot, and Fiat. No rim denting or scratching. Special motorcycle tire changer replaceable plastic protectors on demount/mount tool and plastic pads on the rim clamp prevent denting. Handles stubborn beads and tubeless tires. External three-point clamping system on motorcycle tire changer eliminates hub and spoke stress which allows excellent manual servicing of delicate mag and wire wheels.