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RESERVED for RAY - Fisherman Marine Stove Wood Stove Shipmate No. 1

RESERVED for RAY - Fisherman Marine Stove Wood Stove Shipmate No. 1

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Marine Stove Fisherman No.1 cook stove 

It is getting increasingly difficult to find these original little gems, and this one would be perfect for your antique boat restoration project my guess is this one was manufactured about Circa1925

Measures 22 " Wide 21 " Tall 14 " Deep

Reproductions can be purchased for 4000.00 to 6000.00. This is an original rescued

These much-loved stoves were used in fishing boats, sailboats, etc. It has tie-downs on the sides and a mess rail on top to keep your pots from sliding away Great for a tiny house, motorhome, or bunkie project. 

ABOUT US ... My son and I rebuild wood stoves together, we both have ADHD which is GOOD and EVEN BETTER! GOOD because we are always interested and excited about the next "SQUIRREL" AKA project we choose to tackle & BETTER because we are both very detail/perfectionist oriented, I hesitate to say our work is perfect but if we see a flaw we fix it ... We call each other out if things are missed or not good enough. It is all good-natured fun here in the workshop, BUT ... seriously it has to be done right if we don't want to face each other's scrutiny and be forced to wear the "cap of shame". Oh, it still happens now and then, but more often than not it hangs in the corner collecting dust as a gentle reminder to do things right the first time. Stoves are heavy, they are often neglected and abused as carrying wire wood becomes less popular, and they are often in basements & far, far, from home but we go and get them out of respect for the service they have given to keep their families warm, and for the love of seeing them transform back to their former glory, and the satisfaction that comes from knowing our finished product will be loved and enjoyed by a new family and create memories for yrs to come. 

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