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Fisher Wood Stove Mama Bear

Fisher Wood Stove Mama Bear

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Fisher Wood Stoves made the Cadillac of wood stoves in various sizes.
Here is a list of models in the Fisher Bear Series 

Baby Bear: Single door, single air intake, takes 18" log Heats up to 1250 sf.
Mama Bear: Single door, two air intakes, takes 24" log Heats up to 1750 sf.
Papa Bear: Single door, two air intakes, takes 30" log Heats up to 2250 sf.
Grandma Bear:  Double doors, two air intakes, takes 20" log Heats up to 1750.
Grandpa Bear: Double doors, two air intakes, takes 24" log Heats up to 2250.
Fireplace Series Double doors, two air intakes, takes 20" log Heats up to 1750

These legendary stoves were manufactured from boilerplate so they are virtually indestructible.

I generally try to carry a variety of other sizes and models and can find you the stove to suit your needs - please contact for details.

17" Wide
32: Tall
33" Deep including the ashtray
Door opening is 10" x 11" Takes 24" logs 

Heats 1750 sq ft with ease
6-inch Chimney Opening 

Although the BEAR PAW FEET pictured are not included you can purchase them HERE in 3 styles 

Shipping & Delivery
Professional palleting, delivery, import fees, border fees, and brokerage fees, are included in the shipping cost. 
Orders over $2500.00, require an SS# or a company EIN# for USA Customs. 

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Optional Spark Screen 

Manual only Grandpa Bear Manual

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