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Metal Kitchen Strainer With Wooden Masher

Metal Kitchen Strainer With Wooden Masher

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This antique Metal Kitchen Strainer With Wooden Masher is ideal for making fresh homemade tomato sauce. The strainer is designed to easily separate flesh and juice, while the wooden mortar provides an easy-to-use surface for crushing tomatoes. With these two components, your kitchen will be well-equipped to create delicious sauces.

A vintage metal /tin strainer or canning sieve that comes with its stand, attached to a bowl (liquid catch tray) and a wooden masher/pestle.

Aside from being a great strainer, it makes amazing applesauce, too! 

Antique flour and powder separator with wooden handle pestle. Stands on metal legs to sit above a mixing bowl.

Measures 10" by 10" by 12" and weighs approx 3 lbs.

Very nice vintage kitchen utensil, very likely something similar would have been used for baking by someone in your family! Great gift for any baker or cook in your life.

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