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Tool Cabinet Wooden Carpenters Chest

Tool Cabinet Wooden Carpenters Chest

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Really Unusual Antique Carpenters Woodworking Tool Cabinet with Dovetailed Corners hidden Compartments and multiple doors This Unique Cabinet has two deep doors on the front which open to reveal hanging space for woodworking tools. There are 3 additional doors that open to reveal a second set of compartments to organize tools.

The lady I bought this from said her grandfather had built it and she remembers him keeping chisels and woodworking tools stored away safely inside over his workbench. This lovely wooden box carpenters chest makes excellent tool storage to organize your wood carving / decoy-making tools,

Measures 28 x 27 x 10 inches

Offered exactly as I found it - someone has put hooks and hangers in and a couple of drill bit holders but I left it all in there, you can modify as needed to suit your needs.

NOTE : The picture with all of the tools is for reference only - to show what these desirable carpentry cabinets were used for, and how they were laid out, and although it may not be quite as refined as some of the several thousand dollar examples pictured, They rarely surface for sale and this one makes for a great place to start your collection. If you take the time to make slight modifications and lay out the right tools properly this could be the focal point of your shop and a great heirloom/investment piece that will only continue to appreciate in value.

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