About Us

We are a small family run business

Derek, Chantal and our son Reuben make up the team with occasional helpers when things get busy.



Derek & Reuben pick up, rebuild & deliver the wood stoves together while Chantal manages the schedule, the office,  and facilitates smooth delivery to you. 

The boys both have ADHD which is GOOD and EVEN BETTER !

- GOOD because they are always interested and excited about the next "SQUIRREL!" ( AKA project they choose to tackle) 
- EVEN BETTER because they are both very detail oriented.


While we hesitate to say our work is perfect we strive for perfection. We do take a lot of personal pride in what we do and if we see a flaw we fix it ! We do not hesitate to call each other out if things are overlooked or not up to snuff. It it all good natured fun here in the workshop, BUT ... seriously it has to be done right if we don't want to face each others scrutiny and be forced to wear the "cap of shame". Oh it still happens now and then, but more often than not it hangs in the corner collecting dust as a gentle reminder to do things right the first time. 


Wood Stoves are heavy, they are often not maintained, neglected, abused, & abandoned. Our stoves are rescued from residential homes, basements and garages, & often far from where we live. We dutifully travel the road endlessly on our mission to rescue them. We respect the craftsmanship then went into building a product that would withstand the test of time and the years of enjoyment they have given to the families that they helped to warm. It brings us great satisfaction to see one of these great old stoves transformed back to it's former glory and ready for it's new home and family. 


The satisfaction that comes from knowing our finished product will be loved and enjoyed by a new family drives us in our quest to find and save these beloved family heirlooms and the cherished memories that they carry.             

We welcome the opportunity to add a little warmth to your home!
                                                       Derek , Chantal & Reuben