My 30 year love affair with Fisher wood stoves

fisher baby bear wood stove
When I was a young man I moved to Newfoundland with my bride. There really were not a lot of jobs available so 
I created my own. My father was an old-school antique picker and I had followed his calling. We would set out to pick an area and start knocking on doors until we found something worthy. So this is what I did to earn a living and I opened a small shop to sell from. One day I bought the most adorable stove I had ever seen it was a Fisher Baby Bear. I pulled up proudly to the shop intent on setting it up. Well, as it happens a friend arrived at the same time and said what have you there? I told him it was my new stove. What do you want for it? was the inevitable question. Over the years somehow, I had developed a keen sense of what was valuable and what was notSo it has been a fairly common experience that if I liked something and wanted it for me it was desired by someone else as well. Long story short is that he knew what I had as he already owned one. I told him it was not for sale. However, he was very persistent and would not leave without it. So I owned my very first Fisher wood stove for less than an hour. I never saw that stove again but I did not forget it or the way he firmly insisted that it go home with him. It took several years and many wood stoves before I encountered another, it was a Grandma Bear and this time it went into my home. We shared a lot of family memories cooking on it with our kids and using it to keep our family warm on the cold winter nights while we rebuilt the uninsulated wreck of a house that we had purchased to fix up and turn into our home.

I soon found another Grandma Bear and used it to heat my workshop and of course, now I fully understood w
hy the first one I bought so many years ago had been snatched from my grasp so quickly. I started to pursue these stoves and in the process, I discovered that I was not alone in my admiration of Fisher stoves and that these incredible and legendary stoves were far more than just a heaterI came to understand that owners often viewed them as a part of the family and the magnet that drew them together as ours did with our family in our home. My son now works with me locating and reconditioning these stoves and he shares the passion to see them returned to their original glory bringing warmth to a new family's Home. I will share more stories in time but for now, this is the story of how my love affair with Fisher stoves was first kindled over 30 years ago. 

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