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Fisher Wood Stove Replacement Baffle Plate

Fisher Wood Stove Replacement Baffle Plate

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Wood stove baffle plate custom-built to fit your stove. It is manufactured from a durable 1/4" steel plate and can be mounted by standing it on top of two high-temperature fire bricks
( as pictured ) or by adding steel supports to your stove. 

No charge for installation when ordered with a wood stove. 

You will need to provide us with the exact size you require and we will make it for you. Due to the fact, that these are custom products we do not accept returns.

Maximum size is 24" x 12" square or rectangle 
Custom shapes like the one in the last photo will have an additional fabrication charge added, please contact for a quote on special requests.  

So what is a baffle plate in a wood-burning stove?

The baffle is a heavy-duty component located at the top of the firebox inside a wood-burning stove, typically made from metal to cope with high temperatures. A baffle plate helps to keep heated air and waste gases inside the firebox for longer to produce even more heat from burning wood.

A baffle plate in a wood-burning stove can also be known as the baffle or the throat plate.

A baffle helps to increase the total heat output of burning wood by burning the waste gases through a process known as secondary combustion and can help to achieve efficiencies of 70% or higher. 


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