Why should I consider buying one of your stoves?

We realize that buying a wood stoves is a considerable investment.
As you consider buying your stove please let us take a moment to explain just what it is that we do. And what goes into having your wood stove arrive safely at you door. 

We bring several decades of combined experience to restoring your stove.
I bought my first Fisher wood stove well over 30 years ago and I knew immediately that I had something special in my hands, I was hooked.
Each year we travel thousands of miles to purchase and pick up wood stoves suitable for reconditioning. We have done more overnighters than we can count to find the Fisher Bear wood stove for a customer that fits "just right".
To this day we still get that same excitement when we pick up one of these legendary stoves that I had when I bought that first Fisher baby bear so many years ago.

We bring THAT enthusiasm to the table when we are reconditioning the wood stove you have been searching for.  

First, we remove the doors so they can be properly cleaned and prepared for paint.

Then each stove is totally stripped down, all of the old bricks are removed and the stove is thoroughly inspected and any necessary repairs are made before proceeding. 
Are we at the fun part yet? NOPE ... we are just getting started. 
Now we get to the dirty part ... next, we thoroughly clean the inside of the stove and turn it upside down and prepare and paint the bottom of the stove.
Yes, we know it is dirty under there too, so why pretend that it isn't?

Ready to stand back up on its feet. 
Next, we go after the entire exterior with a fine-toothed comb this is where we scrutinize every little detail looking for anything that we can do to make this stove our best job yet.
What are we looking for?
Cosmetic issues from years of use or from the manufacturing process such as sharp edges, burrs, welding spatter etc. 
The next part of our process contains some proprietary steps that allow us to produce the finish we achieve, let's just say the stove is now re-painted with a high-temperature ceramic-based coating designed specifically to withstand the heat of a wood-burning appliance. 
Now we give each stove a thorough burn-in before we add the bricks.
Brand-new high-temperature refractory bricks are now custom fit to the stove. 
Now the doors are reinstalled with new hinge pins and adjusted for proper alignment.
New nickel-plated replacement spring handles are installed.  
A user manual and any optional accessories are added.
After a final inspection is made, your stove is ready to prepare for shipping. 
We carefully prepare each stove so that it will be safe on its way to you.
We contact you to discuss what type of delivery suits your situation best. 
We take care of all customs, importing, delivery schedules, and associated paperwork.  
We manage delivery with our partner carriers to ensure delivery to your door goes as smoothly as possible.
You will be contacted pre-delivery to set a delivery time that works for you. 

Now you can sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage while you wait for your stove to show up. So far you haven't had to break a sweat.

That is our mission and what is included with our restoration and delivery service.
This level of careful preparation and customer service is unparalleled anywhere else.

How do we know this?
We get messages from folks all the time asking us "how do you do it?"

The short answer is:
  • Decades of experience, 
  • A love of what we do,
  • Years of well established partnerships with our network of carriers, 
  • A strong commitment to our customers,
  • And countless buckets of soot & sweat. 

Thank you for choosing us for your wood stove purchase.

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