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Benchtop Vise Mastercraft Woodworking Workbench Tools

Benchtop Vise Mastercraft Woodworking Workbench Tools

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The Benchtop Vise Mastercraft workbench tool is the ideal solution for your woodworking needs. Constructed from durable cast iron, this vise provides maximum clamping power, up to 700 lbs of clamping force, and smooth movement along the guide bars. Its compact size makes it perfect for use with woodworking benches, and its adjustable jaw design allows for an infinite variety of clamping options for your projects.

Mastercraft blue benchtop vise.

Measures 9" by 8" by 7" and weighs 7 lbs.

This is a flat-jawed vise capable of bending, flattening, and clamping pieces. Very useful in a carpentry shop, machining, or as an addition to a personal workstation.

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