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Chicken Nesting Box Chicken Coop Supplies Hen Laying Nest

Chicken Nesting Box Chicken Coop Supplies Hen Laying Nest

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Chicken nesting box, Hen laying box, egg laying box chicken coop supplies. A great way to make collecting eggs clean and easy.

Each one is designed and hand-made by me using hand-selected reclaimed lumber so they have a nice farm-fresh look and feel for you chicken coop or hobby farm setup.


Custom requests or modifications are welcome just send me a message for a quote.

After Caring for chickens for many years I have bought and built literally dozens of nesting boxes.
I have taken what I have observed and I designed these nesting boxes to accommodate the needs of a hen when she's ready to lay.
The design incorporates many elements that have proven VERY successful.

Available in two Sizes standard and larger for those larger breeds like jersey giants etc.

Standard Breed 12" x 12" x 14"
Large Breed 12" x 14" x 16"

These sizes work VERY well
Simple to install
Chickens feel comfy using them
Less poop-covered eggs to clean up
Eggs don't roll out and are easy to pick up

Each box is fully pre-assembled here to ensure you do not run into any complications, however, due to the size constrictions for economical shipping your nesting box may require some light assembly requiring only a screwdriver.

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