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Crouse Hinds Airport / Marine Obstruction Lights

Crouse Hinds Airport / Marine Obstruction Lights

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Crouse-Hinds is the industry standard when it comes to industrial lighting fixtures these were found in Airport / Marine settings and were installed as Obstruction lights to warn of possible dangers ahead. Built to last a lifetime.

Very cool Industrial Decor piece to add to your factory loft, airport, landing strip, man cave, service station, hanger, etc

Stand about 18 inches tall

Crouse-Hinds, Certified dual head obstruction lights are used on buildings, antennas, towers, cranes, and any other kind of obstacle which occupies airspace. Each fixture includes a glass Fresnel globe which is colored orange for most applications. The fixture has double lamp housing and is made with 3/4" or 1" internally threaded housing. A side-mounted option is also available. These obstruction lights operate on a 120V or 230V circuit.

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