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Folk-Art Birdhouse Handcrafted

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Folk Art Birdhouse hand built by me. 

Each Folk-art Birdhouse is custom built by me 

Likely to be inhabited by generation after generation if my personal birdhouse are any indicator. [I have one that has hatched 3 sets of young so far this year.]

The story behind my bird houses

  • I have been making birdhouses for my personal enjoyment for decades.   Each one is hand built by me. I build each one from my unique view of the world and the materials at hand. Starting with with a theme or idea, my tools and materials start to work together so it appeals to me and the birds. I am careful to maintain the rustic feel of the reclaimed materials and yet create a functional piece that will further withstand the hands of time.
  • If you have a design idea, I can build it for you! If you see on of my birdhouses that I have sold and want one like it, I can do that too! Please understand that it will be unique, birds don't really want a house identical to the neighbors anyways! :-)
  • I consider each item I craft to be a little reminder to someone that I was here for a while, so I try to build them so that they will outlive me! I am very pleased that others take a little joy from the things these old hands find to do.
  • Thank you for viewing my items and taking the time to read my story.