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Wood Stove Spring Handle Pizza Oven Handle

Wood Stove Spring Handle Pizza Oven Handle

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Heavy-duty wood stove spring handle 

3-1/2" Tapered Nickel Plated 

Wood Stove, Blacksmith Forge, Barbecue Smoker Grill Stove Pit Accessories

These were used on almost all pre-1990 wood-burning stoves. 
Most common in Fisher, Lopi, Woodsman, Heat King, Fire King, Heritage,  Frontier,  Timberline, Goldenfire, Goldenflame, Englander, Blackgold etc.

These can be used for any application with I/2" rod handle.

High-quality Large Nickel Handle For your wood stove, Blacksmith forge, or Pizza Oven Project Measurement: 3½" Long, fits: 5/16" to 1/2" shank.

Shaft sizing on the spring handles can vary slightly and some adjustment may be required to get them to fit snuggly.
You can reduce the size on a loose-fitting handle by clamping the last turn of the spring and squeezing it in a vice or with slip joint pliers. This needs to be done off the metal rod/handle.
If the fit is tight you can twist (screw) the handle on or slightly round or taper the handle shaft with a grinder or file then screw the handle on.

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