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Rustic Barn Board Chicken Nesting Box

Rustic Barn Board Chicken Nesting Box

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The Rustic Barn Board Chicken Nesting Box is an ideal choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their chicken coop.

This nesting box is crafted from durable Barn Board. 
This egg-laying box is available unpainted and painted you can also add a perch.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your chickens have a secure, quality peaceful place to lay their eggs.


  • Slanted roof to discourage roosting and keep your eggs poop free
  • Easy to install screw them to the wall or set them on a small bench the chickens will do the rest. 
  • Easy to collect eggs from 
  • As the back is open you can cut a hole in the coop wall and have a small door to collect eggs from the outside of the coop. 

Measures 22" X 15" X 13" 

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