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Rustic Birdhouse Farmhouse Decor Western Cowboy Town

Rustic Birdhouse Farmhouse Decor Western Cowboy Town

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Each of these Folk art rustic birdhouses is hand-built by me with care to maintain the rustic feel of the reclaimed materials and yet create functional garden decor that will further withstand the hands of time and add a touch of rustic charm to your yard and garden. These little gems will be right at home in your country garden or on your apt balcony.

Pictures demonstrate the avail styles available in this series of western town main streets in the 1900s - Please select the style you would like in the dropdown menu.

1 Post Office
2 Fire House
3 Sheriffs Office Jail
4 Hotel

These compact little birdhouses make great farmhouse decor, housewarming gifts, and tiny house decor. They also make great little hideaways for pet hamsters, mice, rats, etc.

Likely to be inhabited by generation after generation if my personal birdhouse is any indicator. I have one ( a single ) that has hatched 3 sets of young so far this year.
I have been making birdhouses for my personal enjoyment for decades. I will be offering some of my unique designs for sale, each one is hand-built by me by feel not by plans the materials just have to work together so it appeals to me and the birds.
If you have a design idea I can build it for you ... if you see one that I have sold and want one like it I can do that too but expect it to be unique, birds don't really want a house identical to the neighbors anyways.

I consider each item I make to be a little reminder to someone that I was here for a while ... so I try to build them so they hopefully will outlive me ... I also enjoy that others get a little joy from the things these hands find to do.

thank you for viewing my creations

Measures approximately :
10 x 5.5 x 7

barn tin
barn wood
bird art
house warming gifts
bird tree
farmhouse decor
bird feeders
bird bath
mouse house
tiny house
fairy house
miniature house

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