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Snap-on TL-97 vintage automotive timing light

Snap-on TL-97 vintage automotive timing light

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The Snap-On TL-97 Timing Light will bring your engine to life!

  • Vintage Snap-On design with timeless quality
  • Measures 10" x 8" and weighs 5 lbs for durability
  • Ideal for setting ignition timing on classic engines
  • Large illuminated dial for easy reading even in dark spaces

This classic Snap-On timing light is a must-have tool for mechanics working on older vehicles. The rugged metal housing withstands shop abuse and keeps on ticking. The bright xenon bulb and 8 inch parabolic reflector produce a crisp strobe flash visible even in daylight. The angled illuminated dial makes it easy to see timing marks no matter how cramped the engine compartment.

For mechanics and hobbyists who love wrenching on classic cars and trucks, this Snap-On TL-97 timing light brings back the muscle car era. Simple and easy to use, it takes the guesswork out of setting ignition timing on older engines. Get peak performance and power out of your classic V8 or inline 6 with this vintage timing light. Relive the glory days in your garage!

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