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Wacker Neuson GP 5600A Backup Gasoline Generator

Wacker Neuson GP 5600A Backup Gasoline Generator

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Used Wacker Neuson Generator in good working condition With Optional wheel Kit assembly

Wacker Neuson GP 5600A rugged and powerful premium backup gasoline generator. 

Designed for construction, rental and other demanding applications, these quiet, high-performance, portable generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged compact package. Excellent for powering single or multiple tools on an entire job site or as emergency or standby power. Built with heavy-duty frames and premium components to provide long, trouble-free operation even in abusive environments. Ideal for powering high starting amperage tools such as compressors, portable generator grinders, fusion welders as well as all your Wacker Neuson electric power tools.

● Best in class tool starting and voltage regulation due to a unique step-start generator technology with AVR (automatic voltage
regulation) and separate excitation winding.
● Central GFCI (neutral bonded to ground) sensor system eliminates common GFI outlet failures while offering personal
protection on all receptacles including 240 Volt. Meets the latest NEC and OSHA jobsite standard
● Unique auto-idle control with time delay system automatically reduces the engine to a low speed reducing fuel consumption,
noise and wear.
● Full wrap-around frame with dual cross-member support, high impact polyethylene fuel tank and heavy duty shock-mounting
combine to provide outstanding impact protection.
● Honda engine with low oil shutdown. Fully compliant with the latest EPA evaporative emissions regulations.

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