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Wedgwood Children's Story The Lady And The Lion 1982

Wedgwood Children's Story The Lady And The Lion 1982

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Made in England, this is a collector plate by Wedgwood in the Children's Story 1982 "The Lady and the Lion" pattern. There are no chips, cracks, scratches, fading of color, stains, or crazing. The twelfth in the series for young collectors. The text on the back of the plate reads:

"A merchant asked what presents his daughters would like him to bring them. The youngest - his favorite - asked for a rose. It was winter, however, and the only rose he could find was in the garden of a castle owned by a lion who offered to spare the merchant's life in return for a promise that he would give the lion whatever he met first on his return home; this happened to be his youngest daughter. She went bravely to meet the lion, and found him to be an enchanted prince, who took on his true form only at night, and then so the couple were married."

The plate measures 6 1/8" in diameter.


Annual editions of collector's series were an important part of the production during the last quarter of the twentieth century. Between 1971 and 1985 Wedgwood retailed a special series of plates for young collectors called 'Children's Stories'. These were in Queen's ware with bright printed designs, each depicting a different fairy tale. The series was issued on 'Edme' shaped compotiers - listed as shape number 5000. The artist behind Children's Stories was not disclosed. The number of plates created was limited by the year of issue, but the size of the edition was not released. The sixth plate in the series depicted a scene from the Brothers Grimm's 'Hansel and Gretel'.

The plate's pattern number is BX12

At the top of the scene is the legend 'CHILDREN'S STORY 1982', whilst at the bottom of the scene is the legend '"THE LADY AND THE LION" BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM'. The plate's back stamp gives a precis of the story. Items in the Children's Stories series were sold boxed and with a color leaflet featuring a line drawing of the central scene for the recipient child to color in.

Excellent condition

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