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WoodCraft Tomb Stone Wood Stove Certified Tiny Home Heater

WoodCraft Tomb Stone Wood Stove Certified Tiny Home Heater

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Top Quality Woodcraft Tomb Stone Wood Stove

Manufactured In Canada by Nobell Stoveworks Etobicoke Ontario. 

My Son uses this very model of stove to heat his home and he loves how easy it is for his wife to operate.  Solid cast iron door like the Fisher stoves ensures a tight closure with no warping. Simple one draft knob for efficient air intake control, easy to lite, and burns extremely well. 

This stove offers a classic, elegant design and powerful heat output. Equipped with advanced air control features, this stove is perfect for heating any room efficiently and safely. Has original installation clearance requirements affixed to the rear of the stove.

With up to 75,000 BTU's, it can heat up to 1,550 square feet of space. Enjoy efficient and reliable warmth in style.

This stove arrived with a spark-arresting screen so you can enjoy your fire with the door open  This is a $300.00 add-on is included at no additional cost to you. 

Each stove we offer has been:
Professionally refurbished
Brand new high-temperature refractory brick
Is ready to install 

You can purchase a Wood Craft Spark Screen separately if you already have one of these stoves 

Wood-Craft Tomb Stone Model Specs
20" Wide
30" Tall
26 Deep including the ashtray

The door opening is 8 x 10
Takes 16" logs 
Heats 1550 sq ft with ease
6" chimney  

Shipping & Delivery
Professional palleting, delivery, import fees, border fees, and brokerage fees, are included in the shipping cost. 
Orders over $2500.00, require an SS# or a company EIN# for USA Customs. 

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