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Vintage Swedish Hatchet Camping Gear Firefighting

Vintage Swedish Hatchet Camping Gear Firefighting

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Vintage Hatchet Camping Gear Firefighting Axe Made in Sweden - a 16" wood-chopping workhorse! Will need a new handle at some point. 

  • 16" total length, 6" steel axe head
  • Sturdy wooden handle for secure grip
  • Chop wood, split logs, and clear brush with ease 
  • Built for camping, survival, bushcraft, and more

This rugged vintage hatchet axe takes you back to the days of gritty pioneers and frontiersmen. With its sturdy wooden handle and sharp steel head, it'll make quick work of any wood-chopping task. Split logs for your campfire, clear overgrown trails, or use it to drive tent stakes - this versatile hatchet axe is ideal for outdoor adventures. Its vintage design gives it bold, rustic character. This is a tool passed down through generations, ready for new stories. Pick up this vintage hatchet axe and bring reliable chopping power to your next camping trip!

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