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Wooden Decoy Shorebird Folk Art Hunting Decoy

Wooden Decoy Shorebird Folk Art Hunting Decoy

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Nice little Folk-art Shorebird made from century-old reclaimed lumber with wire legs in a running along the beach posture.

I love the look and feel of primitive functional folk art so that is what I try to make when I sit down with a piece of wood and an idea.

My designs are not elaborate I try to make things the way I have ever since I was a child and started carving, although I did not know it back then I was creating folk art.
I have always been fascinated by its seeming simplicity yet ingenious ideas and methods born from necessity.
Genuine folk artists that created just to create and turn an idea into a tangible reality simply to give another person a little whimsy will always be my inspiration.

Enough about all of that lol 

This is a cute 7" tall bird - if folks like it I will share more

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