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Antique Rudd Tank Heater No 25

Antique Rudd Tank Heater No 25

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This antique Rudd Tank Heater No 25 is a heavy-duty cast iron appliance capable of consistently providing hot water for years. Its sturdy construction resists corrosion and builds up heat quickly, making it an ideal choice for households that demand long-term efficiency without sacrificing quality.

This absolutely beautiful and rare mini Number 25 cast iron and copper Rudd water tank heater is perfect for a tiny home, off-grid, van life, etc. Please use the pictures provided to determine suitability for your needs. 

It has been restored and read for your conversion ... use your imagination
would make an awesome steampunk liquor still. 

This Great antique tank measures

24 x 9 inches

This is a museum-quality piece for the collector/enthusiast that has it all
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