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Timberline Wood Stove Fireplace Insert

Timberline Wood Stove Fireplace Insert

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Timberline Wood Stove Fireplace Insert with matching metal surround.
Please contact us for the exact sizes for your installation.

This Timberline insert was purchased as a backup heat source and literally used a handful of times.

Each stove we offer has been:
Professionally refurbished
Brand new high-temperature refractory brick
Is ready to install 
The exterior will be all black as we will be including fresh exterior paint prior to delivery (silver highlight pictured can be added but this is not original to the stove)

25 " Wide
33 Tall
29 Deep including the ashtray
Manual included.

The door opening is 17 x 10.5 inches and it will take 20-inch logs with ease

All of our stoves ...
1:) Are stripped and Prepped
2:) Re-bricked with new high-temperature refractory brick, not the cheap lightweight brick found at a lot of suppliers / The brick we use is used in steel mill blast furnaces and forging applications.
3:) Comes with Installation and operation manual
4:) Are ready to install and provide you with decades of service.

Timberline made top-quality wood stoves in various sizes - These legendary stoves were manufactured from boilerplate so they are virtually indestructible.
I generally carry a variety of other sizes and can find you the stove to suit your needs - please contact us for details.

Shipping Cost is $450.00 Detailed Shipping Costs


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As regulations vary by region it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that this product is suitable to your requirements and that installation meets local regulations and safety standards. 

These stoves are approximately 40 yrs old so they do show typical signs of minor wear and usage. We do our very best to offer you the highest standard of products however minor cosmetic imperfections are not totally avoidable on a used appliance of this age and nature. As these stoves were manufactured by several distributors there may be minor cosmetic variations between stoves of the same model. 
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