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Vintage View Master Reels USA Travel Momentos 51-71

Vintage View Master Reels USA Travel Momentos 51-71

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Bring back childhood memories with these collectible view-master reels. View master reels were sold as vacation mementos from the 1930s onward and were a favorite with kids and adults alike.

Discover a piece of USA history with these Vintage View-Master Reels.

I have a wide selection of these classic reels available select as many as you like the shipping is free.

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51 Garden of the Gods CO
52 Frontier Town in Adirondacks, North Hudson
53 Park of the Red Rocks CO
55-A Brooklyn
55-B Brooklyn
55-C Brooklyn
56 Golden Gate Int'l Expo Foreign Exhibits
56-A Coney Island
56-B Coney Island
56-C Coney Island
57 Golden Gate Int'l Expo Buildings
57-A Long Island I, New York
57-B Long Island II, New York
57-C Long Island III, New York
58 Golden Gate Int'l Expo Flowers & Land
58 Golden Gate International Expo 1940
59 Golden Gate Int'l Expo Night Scenes
61 Hula Dancers HI
62 Hula Dancers II HI
63 Honolulu HI
64 Island of Oahu HI / The Capital Island
65 Island of Hawaii Kona Side
65 Volcanic Eruption Puna, HI Feb-Mar 1955
66 Island of Hawaii HI / The Orchid Island
67 Island of Maui HI / The Valley Island
68 Hawaiian Flowers HI I / Tropical Flowers of Hawaii I
69 Flowers of Hawaii II / Tropical Flowers of Hawaii II
70 Hawaiian Flowers Hawaii III
71 Hawaii National Park / Islands of HI & Maui

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