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Antique Coffee Grinder 1880's Woodruff & Edwards

Antique Coffee Grinder 1880's Woodruff & Edwards

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This premium antique Woodruff & Edwards coffee grinder is from the 1880s, featuring a unique design from bygone general stores. The grinder is made from solid quality materials, ensuring you a lifetime of consistent performance. Durable enough for daily use, this timeless grinder lets you enjoy the same vintage experience in your own home.

Beautiful antique double wheel cast iron coffee grinder with wooden drawer - approximately 125 yrs old.  

It is in very good condition and would make a welcome accent to any coffee shop, general store, country kitchen, etc.

It stands 20" tall x 12" wide and the wheels are 14.5" across. 

The swing-out lid has been repaired sometime many yrs ago - but it functions as it should see the last couple of pictures for reference These lovely machines are getting harder to find in unrestored condition and it still has all of the character and charm it has earnt in over a century of existence.

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