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Honey Bear Fisher Wood Stove

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Honey Bear Fisher Wood Stove completely refurbished . All new high temperature refractory brick ready to heat a your home or workspace . You won't find a cleaner Honey bear for sale this was purchased as a backup heat source and literally almost never used . Comes with operators / installation manual

We stock several Fisher Wood stove models so feel free to contact me if you need a specific model

Measures :

20 " Wide    33" Tall      31" Deep including the ashtray
Door opening is 13.5" x  8.5"  Will accept 17" logs with ease

ABOUT US ... My son and I rebuild wood stoves together , we both have ADHD which is GOOD and EVEN BETTER ! GOOD because we are always interested and excited about the next "SQUIRREL" AKA project we choose to tackle & BETTER because we are both very detail / perfectionist oriented , I hesitate to say our work is perfect but if we see a flaw we fix it ... We call each other out if things are missed or not good enough . It it all good natured fun here in the workshop , BUT ... seriously it has to be done right if we don't want to face each others scrutiny and be forced to wear the "cap of shame" . Oh it still happens now and then , but more often than not it hangs in the corner collecting dust as a gentle reminder to do things right the first time. Stoves are heavy , they are often neglected and abused as carrying fire wood has fallen out of popularity , they are often in basements & far far from home but we go and get them out of respect for the service they have given to keep their families warm , and for the love of seeing them transform back to their former glory , and the satisfaction that comes from knowing our finished product will be loved and enjoyed by a new family and create memories for yrs to come.

All of our stoves ...

1:) Are stripped and sandblasted

2:) Re-bricked with new high temperature refractory brick not the cheap lightweight brick found at a lot of suppliers / The brick we use is used in steel mill blast furnace and forging applications .

3:) Comes with Installation and operation manual

4:) Are ready to install and provide you with decades of service.

Fisher made the Cadillac of wood stoves in various sizes - These legendary stoves were manufactured from boiler plate so they virtually indestructible. We generally carry stock of other sizes and can find you the stove to suit your needs - please contact for details. I have shipped my stoves all across USA and Canada and can tailor delivery to suit your needs.

PLEASE NOTE : IF YOUR ORDER EXCEEDS $2000.00 - U.S. CUSTOMS REQUIRES THE BUYER TO PROVIDE A PERSONAL OR BUSINESS SS# TO ALLOW FOR BROKERAGE / IMPORTATION This information can be provided to us or the brokerage firm whichever you prefer , we do not share any personal or contact information with any other parties. If you purchase more than one stove it will affect the shipping cost.