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Rustic Double Chicken Nesting Box

Rustic Double Chicken Nesting Box

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Custom designed rustic chicken laying box .

After Caring for chickens for many years I have bought and built literally dozens of nesting boxes. Some worked others not so much
So I have taken what I have observed and I designed these nesting boxes to accommodate the needs of a hen when she's ready to lay.
The design incorporates many elements that have proven VERY successful.

The Approx 24 x 16 Inch size works VERY well
They are super simple to install ... just screw them to the wall or set them on a shelf
They are easy to enter so the chicken feels comfy using them
They offer privacy which chickens seek when they are in the mood to lay their eggs
They have a slanted top to discourage roosting on top so you don't end up with a nest box covered in poop
They are designed so the eggs don't roll out but are easy to pick up
And of coarse they look great too

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