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Vintage Universal Feather Board For Saw

Vintage Universal Feather Board For Saw

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Add precision and safety to your woodworking with this must-have vintage Universal Feather Board For Saw. Featuring an adjustable 11" x 2" x 3" solid wood body, this clever tool holds your workpiece firmly and prevents kickback as you make cuts.

  • Adjustable solid wood body fits a wide variety of table saws and band saws
  • Keeps stock flat, preventing kickback and burn marks
  • Featherboard "fingers" hold work securely, guiding it through the blade
  • Vintage design still works as well as ever for accurate, safe cuts

With its sturdy vintage design, this Universal Feather Board clamps down on your workpiece, keeping it flush to the fence or table as you cut. The angled wooden "fingers" hold the material safely and securely, preventing kickback and allowing you to make accurate cuts time after time.

For woodworkers who value precision and safety, this vintage Universal Feather Board is a must-have accessory that improves all your future DIY projects. Bring home the craftsmanship of the past and make your workshop safer today.

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